Only the profound understanding of the essence of classic technology allows you reproducing it in detail using modern methods.

Modern manufacturers often turn away from the ancient principles of manufacturing of genuine brandy. Nowadays, progress alters the technologies of the past and the knowledge of classic manufacturing is being committed to oblivion.

Renuage is the brandy manufactured pursuant to classic technology of double distillation using the special equipment named alembic.
In technical terms the double distillation method is distinguished by equipment being used (alembic itself) and the procedure, specifically the division of the distillation process in two stages.

First distillation (lat. Distillatio W dripple off wall) is the traditional process: segregation to the fullest possible extent of brandy spirits. Mash (grape, which were brewing within ten days upon been harvested) is loaded into extraction boiler and is heated with steam or fire; the vapour comes up where being cooled transforms into 27-33 proof spirit.

Far more exciting and complicated is the second stage requiring elaborate advertency of Brandy Craftsman. Stage by stage distillation of liquid obtained upon the first stage partitions spirit in three parts: the head (excessively rich with aromatics __ proof spirit), core (pure brandy spirit) and tail (insufficient proof spirit).

Its the core what is then infused in oak barrels acquiring the distinctive dark colour; neither are tails nor heads used for that purpose whatsoever.

Alembic method backbone is fundamental for refining of pure brandy spirit.

Alembic itself is the device constructed in compliance with the requirements, which havent been changing for ages. None of them has a scintilla of ritual, rationality only. All the parts, which contact the distilled vine, are made of copper, the heat conducting material hardly exposed to oxydation. Direct fire heating or steam heating only are used. Boiler capacity is limited.

Upon brandy invention that technology was used for manufacturing. Only using it the genuine brandy can be made, and this is what Renuage proudly calls itself.


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